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I joined it today.  I probably won't be able to make it to my first meeting until next Monday, but I'm starting to track points.  Anyways, how does it compare to something like Sparkpeople, or Calorie Count?  Anybody had any luck on WW, not just losing but actually keeping the weight off?  I've always done online things like that, so I like the online abilities that WW has, but I noticed I kind of fell off the wagon every time so I'm hoping the in-person meetings will hold me to a better accountibility. 

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Re: Weight Watchers

  • You should check out the "Getting in Shape" board, theres a lot of ladies on there who do WW and have accountability threads.  There's also alot of people who count calories through SparkPeople.

    I started doing WW back in March, not paying so I didn't go to any classes, but my Mom started doing it so she just told me what to do to be successful.  I've lost 20Ibs and have kept it off.  I'll start back up again w/ being strick w/ myself after the wedding.  Once I had my fitting I couldn't keep losing the weight so I let myself be more flexable w/ what I ate and I'm still keeping the 20Ibs I'd lost off.

    WW isn't a diet its a life style change...if you use it as a diet thats when you'll gain your weight back when you stop
  • A friend of mine lost 28 pounds doing weight watchers in like 3 months. She looks great, and she loves it!

    PS -- I'll be in the cities next week. Jus' sayin'.
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  • I signed up 5 weeks ago and have lost 7 lbs so far. It's so easy to follow and it doesn't box you in like most "diets" do because no food is off limits. I still eat Chipotle some times, I just have to eat really well the rest of the day.
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    I lost 60lbs in 2 years on WW - I kept it off for 1.5 years.  I recently gained 30lbs back, but that had more to do with stress (had some $#!& happen at the end of the year last year, then got engaged in Jan - working 2 jobs, moving, and planning a wedding is a lot of stress, even if it is good stress!) - I'm a TERRIBLE stress eater.  I've been married for just over a week, and have already lost 4 of those lbs again, just getting back into my groove.

    I actually quit WW right after I lost all the weight, and am now able to use my own calorie counter (I use Lose It on my iPod) - but I would not have been able to learn all the techniques and stuff without actually doing WW.

    If you have any qestions, feel free to ask (or PM) - I'd love to share my wisdom with you! :)

    The biggest piece of advice: don't expect it to happen right away - WW is a HEALTHY way to lose weight and teaches you a healthy way to look at food - there were many many weeks I stayed the same or lost "only 0.5lbs" - but each one of those "only 0.5 lbs" added up to 60 in the end!!
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    I did WW and reached lifetime after losing 25 pounds in about 6 months.  I kept it off for about 9 months, then gained it back.
    *ETA:  since then have been eating healthy and manged to lose 15 pounds on my own, just about 10 pounds left.

    I think that WW is a great way for someone to START to learn to eat healthfully.  Just be care of becoming to obsessed and restrictive.  It can backfire.

    I agree with rbtrumpet, that it is rather healthy, and don't expect Biggest Loser numbers (aside from your first week). 

    Also, back when I did it (have since left), there were two plans: counting, and not counting but eating "whole foods".  Don't be afraid to try the not counting plan after a while.  I was amazed at how easy it was, and the weight still came off.  Plus, I think it's a bit healthier than counting and eating a bunch of crap for 22 points.
  • I joined WW 3 weeks ago, but I'm doing the online option only (we have wellness incentives at work, and because my BMI is over 24 I had to join to get the cash).  WW has a very good website - very much like Daily Plate only converted to points rather than just calories.  They have a restaurant guide, and lots of helpful tools.  I have had to change my thinking quite a bit, since WW is geared towards fat and fiber, and I have previously followed a reduced carb plan with a focus on protien.  I haven't seen big results yet, but I'm still adjusting to the plan and trying to incorporate more high fiber filling foods so I'm not hungry all the time.  I'm sure it will work with some continued effort, as it is very sensible and sustainable for the long term.
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  • agree w/ Mattspenguin!

    I switched to "core" (the not-counting one) after about a year and LOVED it - esp since I was training for a triathalon, and burning more than 1000 calories a day in the gym - the points system just doesn't work when you're burning that many calories (you're just hungry ALLLLLL the time when counting points, even when eating "filling" foods) - so eating "core" foods was definitely a better option for me.  The people on the boards there were great, and I still eat mostly "core" foods.

    They changed the programs right after I left - the names are different, but the ideas behind them are still similar.
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  • I started using WW about 2 years ago and lost about 22 lbs.  It was great because I never felt deprived and always was able to have my indulgences like wine or cheese.  I also was good about going to the gym on a regular basis. I kept it all off until about 6 months ago when I completely fell off the wagon due to stress (work changes and moving).  I gained back about 15 of the 22 but have been back on WW for 5 weeks.  I have lost 11lbs already and will be reaching goal again by my wedding date.  It really is a lifetime choice and allows me to manage what I eat.

    I do count points because I don't have self control that the core program requires.  I don't listen to body queues that tell me I am full, so counting points is the way to go.  I can easily fill up on things like carrots and fruit so it works well for me.  I used to go to meetings but this time around I just do the online version and love it.
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  • I have joined and quit many times.  I joined in March for my wedding and lost almost 25 pounds.  I have since gained back 10-15 pounds of it which royally sucks, but its got a lot to do with the stress from moving and stuff.  Also I'm from Buffalo and totally obsessed with pizza and chicken wings, and have been getting in as much I can before moving to Washington where I know it will suck.  Also my gym membership expired and I wasn't renewing for 2 months in a year, and its been hot as hell outside so I've been pretty sedentary since the wedding.

    Weight Watchers definitely works if you do it.  I used to eat out all the time and still did fine.  There is a website called Dottie's Weight Loss Zone that lists almost any restaurant you could think of and has points values for the foods on their menu.  That's always been really helpful for me.

    I'm always really good when I first start doing WW, then eventually start cheating and counting points less.  They no longer have the Core plan, but they have "filing foods" and "set points" where you can eat as much as you want of something for a set points value.  If you need any tips of low points things to eat or that are really good I'd be happy to share. 

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    My mom did WW and lost weight, and hasn't gained much of it back.

    I did it a few months ago, but then I got too busy at work to got to the meetings (it was an At Work session, so the meetings were during lunch on campus.)  I still track online. I haven't lost nearly as much without the in-person meetings, but I like the flexibility with the online resources. 

    If you have any kind of fancy phone, there should be an app.  If not, I just use the WW mobile site on my Droid as well.  I love the recipes on that site.  I used to use the Calorie Counter app, too, but the latest update wiped out the WW points, which sucks, a lot. 

    It's nice though, because it only uses Calories, Fat, and Fiber.  A lot of restuarants are picking up on the WW popularity and are now listing at least those three nutritional facts (fiber was hard to discover.)

  • I've been back on WW since about March and have lost 12lbs.  I'm not very dedicated at tracking on the weekends, but I do agree w/pp's--it's a lifestyle change so I try not to beat myself up.  I'm focusing on my dress/wedding so I have a good amounts of time to get to a goal.  Even just thinking about how many points things are help me control my portions and not binge eat all the time. I lost 20lbs. back in high school but didn't keep up with tracking when I was in college.

     I think this time around when I get to lifetime I'll definitely keep going to meetings. The WI's and meetings help keep me accountable. I tried Sparkpeople for awhile but it didn't have the accountability that WW meetings do for me.
  • Also - has restaurant guides and recipes that include point values.  Very good resource as well.
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  • I lost 50 lbs. on Weight Watchers in about six months.  Unfortunately, I went off program and gained it all back over the course of two years. 

    Gaining it back isn't really a strike against the program, though.  I credit WW with my initial success and my own lack of control (after reaching Lifetime) for the subsequent failure.

  • I've been a lifetime WW member since 1988, but obviously fell off the wagon several times  :)  Three years ago I lost 85 lbs, and the past two years gained back about half of it.  I started again on July 12th and by the time we went to Jamaica on August 21st, I'd lost 16 lbs.  Of course I didn't follow it on vacation or last week, so I'm back "OP" today.

    WW works but it's a lifestyle, not a diet.  All the weight I gained back was because I didn't stick with counting points--I went back to my emotional eating, boredom eating, etc.

    What I did discover is that if you eat right 80-90% of the time, you can have your splurges and still lose weight (or maintain).  I try to focus on "whole" foods as much as possible, but I do allow myself a one-point treat most days (like a Hostess 100-calorie pack or a WW ice cream).

    Today's WW with points is MUCH easier than the one I used in 1988!

    Good luck--it does work if you stick with it, and surprisingly, it's pretty easy!
  • This makes me happy - I definately want to stick with a program that is a lifestyle change, and not just a diet.  I LOVE to eat, and I love not-good-for-you foods, so I also like that 35 point weekly allowance they have (which I will probably be using up at the Ren Festival this weekend).

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  • Another helpful thing for me with points was realizing that certain foods I thought I had to have weren't worth the number of points.  For example, one day a co-worker offered me a GS cookie that was two points.  I looked at the cookie and realized I could have a turkey sandwich (2 ounces of turkey on lo-cal bread) for the same points.  It made me not want the cookie!  I find that happens frequently when I figure out points--a lot of stuff just isn't worth it to me.
  • Yay Nugget, good for you. I started WW on far, so good. If nothing else, it's really eye opening to see the calorie/point amounts for things. I *almost* opened a Wild Blue beer to go w/ my dinner on Saturday. Out of curiousity, I checked the points value for it-5 points. The equivalent of my entire meal. So I put it back and poured a nice glass of water. Good luck! And ditto checking out the GIS board.
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