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Typo 2 days before the wedding, now what?

Hi everyone-

I'm getting married on Monday (yay!), and we're having a photobooth.  My mom made some super cute little envelopes for the guests to put their photostrips in, with a little insert saying thank you and a note about what they're for.  She typed them up and used a cricut-type thing to put a fancy little border on them.  The problem is, I just now noticed that they say "thank your for helping to make our day so special."  I have looked at them a million times, as has she, and FI has seen them too, and none of us noticed before.  I don't want my mom to have to race to make replacements (they're on special paper, blah blah blah).  Should I just pretend I didn't even notice?  Or just try to white them out (luckily the special paper is still white), in which case I'd have to tell my mom I saw it, obviously.  What say you?
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