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    Why not ask the host?

    I think for an informal afternoon bridal shower at someone's house in the middle of winter, I would go with nice jeans (like dark-wash trouser jeans) or slacks, a blouse or sweater, and heels or heeled boots.   If it was at a restaraunt or hotel, or in the evening, I would wear a dress or skirt with tights.   
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    Ditto asking the host, but what you have planned sounds better than some of the white get-ups I've seen people pin on pinterest- gag. Enjoy your shower!
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    The host has no idea what to wear and she's been asking me what to do. So I have no idea!
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    I live in jeans and hate the way I look in skirts and short dresses.  I plan on wearing dark jeans with black boots and a dressy blouse for my  shower.  I think jeans are appropriate for an informal shower as long as you dress them up.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:9Discussion:d68f9cf9-e850-4256-b3f9-639be624b48cPost:4931320f-b4d0-4ea4-8c40-fd063a7408e1">Re: What level of dressiness is required for a bridal shower?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Well, if she doesn't know, I'd do jeans, a nice blouse and boots, or a sweater dress, tights, and boots. People will take pictures, so wear something you look cute in.
    Posted by Liatris2010[/QUOTE]


    Wear something that you like and are comfortable in.  In my circle anything more than a nice pair of jeans, a cute blouse, and a pair of heels is considered super dressed up and never worn unless going to a wedding or a funeral.

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    What month is the shower? I think a sundress would be perfect for a spring or summer shower.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: What level of dressiness is required for a bridal shower?</a>:
    [QUOTE]What month is the shower? I think a sundress would be perfect for a spring or summer shower.
    Posted by OwningAHome1981[/QUOTE]

    <div>January! I own so many sundresses that'd be perfect except for January.</div><div>
    </div><div>And thanks everyone. I think I'll stick to jeans, a silk tank, and a blazer.</div>
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    I think each circle is so different. When some of my co-workers threw me a shower (it was at someone's house, not work), they all wore shorts, tee shirts and jeans and I showed up in a skirt. They are just very casual people normally. But for my family showers, all the guests wore sundresses, skirts, etc. as well. Does your group typically get dressed up for things or keep it casual?

    It's tough for winter showers, but like PP said if you wanted to do a dress, you could winterize it. I don't think you HAVE to wear a dress, but I also think that as the guest of honor, you wouldn't look out of place if you did, even if you were dressier than the guests.

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    call me old school but i dont think jeans, no matter how nice, belong at a shower, wedding or any other party except a backyard BBQ.

    id wear some nice slacks and a sweater or if you like dresses, a skirt and top.
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    I'm assming your shower is not a surprise. Mine's not either b/c if it was I'd show up in sweats lol. I have to be told when mine is so I will put a dress on for once lol.
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    I told my BMs I didnt want the date to be a surprise because I wanted to know when to dress nicely, but that doesn't seem to be happening so I'm probably gonna need to always be dressed somewhat nice every weekend starting next month lol. I will probably wear either dark skinny jeans with boots, blouse, cardigan and skinny belt or a winter-y dress with tights and boots. I am considering giving them an outfit to let me change into ahead of time also haha (I reeeally want to look nice in my shower photos)
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