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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: No Childrennnn!!! : I understand why some make that exception. My point is I don't get why so many on this board think people MUST make that exception. I don't live near family at all. We still made it work. And if we couldn't find someone we trusted, only one of us would have gone. I don't expect others to accomodate my breeding choices.
    Posted by IrishBrideND[/QUOTE]

    Irish, you're being way too reasonable. That won't be tolerated on this board. <img src="" border="0" alt="Tongue out" title="Tongue out" />

    Your little girl is adorable and it's nice to see you again!

    As to why so many on this board take that take is that sometime in the past year or so, a couple of very vocal new mothers on this board starting saying infants must be invited to weddings. Some others picked it up...and there you have it: Knot Groupthink.
  • Wow. I'd have had a hard time not telling him where to stuff his ego.

    We have been slowly making it clear to people that ours will be for adults only. We are getting married much later than most of our friends and family and almost all of our friends and many of our family in our age group have young children. I would love to be able to invite them all but we just don't have room at the venue for that many kids.
    I wasn't going to start cutting people off the guest list to accommodate children.

    We are making exceptions only for my fiance's nieces and nephew who are part of the wedding party and infants for the whole breast feeding issue mentioned above. Besides, babies don't take up a seat at a table. There are people who are upset. One cousin tried to make me feel guilty noting that her daughter was really upset the last time they got invited to a wedding where kids were not welcome. 

    Most people have been good about it and understand but it's also interesting that most people have automatically assumed kids are invited. We had thought perhaps to let people know kids would be welcome at the ceremony but not the reception but that is just getting too complicated and I have decided it's really not our problem. 

    The invitations will go out to only the adults, and the RSVP is online here at the Knot which makes it pretty clear who is invited.

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  • Wow thanks everyone!

    The only exception we're making is for one of our best friends, whose baby will only be 5 months at the time of the wedding. Other than that, we don't want any other babies and / or infants or children.

    As for my uncle's children (stepchildren - twin girls age 6)... I've know them since they were born, and while they are super sweet, they are also supremely spoiled from their mother's divorce. They had a birthday party for my uncle a few months ago and one of the girls was climbing on the curtain, and the curtain ended up falling. Nothing from the parents, no scolding, nothing. So to think that something similar like that could happen at our wedding is literally giving me nightmares, even though the big day is still a year away! As for my fiancé's niece (2 years old) and nephew (3.5 years old), they're a handful themselves... His nephew has a bit of a hyperactivity problem and is into screaming at this time. So that's another nightmare: having him screaming at the top of his lungs during the evening... How stressful!

    I like the idea of including the names on the RSVP card and putting adults only as well. That should be clear as day that no kids are welcome!
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