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New coworkers????

I began a new job three weeks ago and am now wondering what I should do regarding inviting my new coworkers.  My wedding is October 29 and so most of our guest list was done before I started my new job.  There's about 25 people in my office, so there's no way I can invite all of them.  However, there are 4 ladies who work in my department, that I see the most - would it be bad form to just invite my department and explain to anyone else who asks that I had limited space left??

Re: New coworkers????

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    You are not required to invite anyone from work to your wedding. Just don't talk about it that much at work. Politely answer questions if they are friendly and ask. Personally, I would think it was weird if someone I had only known for 3 weeks invited me to their wedding.
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    I would hold off on inviting anyone just yet. Work relationships change at the drop of a hat and you do not even really know them yet. But if there were a few you wanted to invite, that would be fine to just invite them and also keep in mind their SO's.
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    Don't explain to anyone that they aren't invited.

    Do you see these ladies outside of work for drinks or invite them over for dinner? You don't really HAVE to invite them. I've been with my company for almost 5 years and I didn't invite coworkers. People understand weddings are expensive without you explaining it.
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    I'd wait till a bit closer to time to make the call on this, give yourself some more time to gauge which co-workers you might want there. But I wouldn't invite them unless you get along well, chat about the wedding at work at all, etc.
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