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NWR But E related - at a kid's birthday now too?

DH and I went to the birthday party of our friends' 6 yo yesterday.  The party was cute and all was fine but one thing stuck out in my head - at the end of the day, I was holding DD and DD was standing up eating cake.  The grandmother of the guest of honor approached us to fill out our TY note envelope.

I was turned off because:
1) I hate this.  Hate.  Hate.  Hate.  If I took the time to come to your party you figured out how to contact me so you can get my address.

2) You clearly saw we both had our hands full.

3) Why do people think this is appropriate?

I really like the couple but I had to do this 6 years ago at the friend's baby shower for the now 6 yo so I think they just think it's fine.  Has anyone else experienced this?
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