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Tricky Transportation Spot - Kinda long

Hi, all. I never thought I'd actually ask a question on here, but I'm curious about your opinions on this matter.

My DW is next month and I have 38 people attending. Throughout the planning process I've been saying that we are proving transportation for everyone for the day of the wedding because it's very important to me that no one risk getting arrested or dead because of my wedding. Also, we're not allowed to set up anything in the park (including chairs) so even though the ceremony will be less than 10 minutes, people are going to have to stand.

Since I made this announcement, I've been searching for companies that I can afford who are willing to work with us. I've only found one and they seem pretty sketchy to me (no contract or deposit form, taking forever to respond to emails, asking for a credit card number through email with no authorization form, etc). So it's looking like, despite my best efforts, I won't be able to provide this service for my guests.

I'm going to pay for a cab for the people not staying downtown but the majority are staying 1 mile from the ceremony site. What would be the right thing to do for them? To me, that's walking distance, but I don't want to make them walk there, then stand for the ceremony, and walk to the reception (two minute walk from the park). That just seems kinda cheap and inconsiderate, I think. Most have already said that they were planning on cabbing it, but I don't think they should have to pay for that. They'd be insulted if I gave them gift cards to pay for it in a welcome bag. Any suggestions on how to make it right? Or am I over analyzing this and making too big a deal out of it? How would you feel if you were asked to walk and stand (if you were told in advance and not surprised by the situation)?

Thanks in advance!
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