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Engagement Announcements?

*Turns out Engagement Announcements are actually in poor taste, so, problem solved!*

Finally, after being engaged for several months, FI and I are planning to send out formal engagement announcements.  We aren't 100% sure, outside of close friends and family, who we will be inviting to the actual wedding, so I was planning on sending out announcements and engagement pictures only to people very close to us, like parents and grandparents, who would actually really enjoy/want a little handmade card commemorating it, so we only want to send out around 20 announcements (we made a list).

However, a friend I was discussing it with was horrified, and told me that I should be sending them to everyone we know, so that they know we're engaged. Personally, I think that in the day of facebook and instant messaging, people already know, and don't need a card to remind them.  I figure very close friends and family would enjoy a picture and a formal card, but what would the friends I see every day want with it?  Is there a formal rule for this? Am I being rude by only including family and close friends in that part?
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