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    [QUOTE]I think you are being really silly.<strong> FI has to drive in the snow, which he is not comfortable doing, because you got your truck stuck and getting it unstuck is a man's job?</strong> How would you feel if there was a list of "women's jobs" he gave you? Yes, I think it can be frustrating when you have different ways of doing things. I love outdoor adventures and H is less enthusiastic. He comes on the tamer ones with me and I go on the ones he isn't up for alone or with friends. In return, my presence isn't required at football games.  You don't have to do everything together, but you should have some activities you enjoy doing together. But you have to love each other for who you are, not some stereotype of what a man or woman should be. If you can't do that, then I don't think you should get married.
    Posted by Liatris2010[/QUOTE]

    I'm not trying to say that getting it unstuck is a mans job. But I would expect a man to at least HELP getting the truck out. It was like he stood there watching the other husbands digging and such. We don't do everything together but this is something that I feel like we should do together. I want our children to experience these things but I'm afraid we'll do these things less and less because he doesn't enjoy them or he'll be sure he goes because he doesn't want me going alone. And to be quite honest I don't want to do these things alone. Call me old fashioned but I do believe in the male/female stereotypes to a certain degree.
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    then why were you not helping get it unstuck. Traditional gender roles typically harm more marraiges then do good...if YOU want to drive up in the snowy mountains, then you might have to drive, and if you get stuck because YOU wanted to drive in the snow and he didnt its not his job to get you out, its yours...sorry princess but your being a bit of a diva.

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