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*eye roll*

A friend on FB is in a wedding in a few weeks. She asked if she has to buy a gift since she is in the WP. I replied (after many said you have to buy a gift) with: "Yeah, gifts at a wedding should NOT be expected. Proper etiquette says gifts are not expected."

Someone has replied since: "...
But yes I think if you check Emily Post she would say to spend something on a gift as a token." I completely wrong? I thought through all my lurking on here I had learned one very important thing: Gifts should not be expected nor demanded. I'm not wanting to cause drama, but I want to point out etiquette further and have a solid source to back me up because that's just like I am.

And apparently I start a lot of FB drama. Not sure how. Must be my strong will and the fact I speak my mind a lot, lol. I don't want to cause drama with this, but I do think it is important people be informed of proper etiquette.
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