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So my wedding is about 5 weeks away and I'd love to get all of my programs done. I'm making my own, but I'm stuck on one area. I don't know for sure if my grandparents on either side can make it, and in my program I have the 'seating of the grandparents and mother' listed with the song chosen. My mom is my matron of honor so that's why 'mother' is singular. So should I just leave it as is even if the grandparents cant make the trip or just put seating of the mother? It kinda sounds silly to put that since it's only one Mom but I'm new at this so any suggestions? I just want to get these done asap!~

Re: Re: Ceremony Program help!!!

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    Very true! I'm sure no one would notice but like i said, I'm new at this stuff! :) Thanks for the input.
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    Sure just put them on there! Or don't put that part at all. I have honestly never seen anything in the programs listed that wasn't part of the actual ceremony. But it's your day so do it how you like! I am dreading working on my programs, I don't know where to start!
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