dealing with distant relatives who aren't invited

Hi all! wedding is end of October

I have this distant relative that I can honestly say i prob haven't seen since I don't know....2005 or 2006? My mom made the mistake of blabbing her mouth about our wedding to this relative when I told her MONTHS ago not to go inviting people to my wedding.  Apparently, the relative feels "hurt" that she wasnt invited. I will see this person next week at an event and may be asked why she wasn't invited. I have no problem saying that I'm having a small wedding (80 ppl) and couldnt invite everyone...point blank period...

my problem is just making sure I say this nicely without being rude. Wedding planning has been stressful and I am very irritable...I am especially irritable when VERY distant relatives have the nerve to say they feel hurt or that they didnt get an invitation. I mean come know we aren't close..and weddings arent cheap! (FI and I are paying for wedding ourselves) It just drives me crazy how some people think they are automatically included because of blood relation....I have friends and coworkers I'm closer to than you!  (Honestly, my mom may even be embellishing how this relative feels "hurt". I shall see next week.....if she gives me a simple :"no worries, I understand", I will prob be more irritated with my mom since she's making a big deal out of it...ok VENT over lol
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