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Slightly complex announcement/invitation question... help?

My FI and I have been talking recently about having a small, immediate family only, civil ceremony in the next few months, followed by a big reception/party/possibly vow renewal or convalidation ceremony when he comes back from Afghanistan.

I was thinking about the best way to let my friends and family know that we are MARRIED but will be having a formal party that they will be invited to and I thought about using a wedding/marriage announcement as a STD for the future reception/party.

So basically "we just got married in a tiny civil ceremony and would like to invite you to the party and blessing on such and such date".

How does this flow etiquette-wise and do you think it's incredibly confusing? How might I word it?

Re: Slightly complex announcement/invitation question... help?

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    I was trying to save the sacrament for my much larger family because they would appreciate it, but I may just be trying to accomplish too much!

    Thanks everyone! Great ideas, it was supremely helpful for organizing my thoughts :).
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