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Here's the deal: my complexion is, in a word, atrocious (reddish, bumpy, oily, not cute at all).  My doctor said I might have rosacea, but the medication I was prescribed did nothing.  My complexion had been improving, but after surgery in October, it has reverted to atrocious.

I don't really wear makeup, partly because I've always been really nervous that it would make my complexion worse.  I'd like to figure out some kind of makeup that might help even out my complexion (and also practice for having my picture taken), but not be too "made up."  Two questions:

1. Anyone have a similar complexion and have ideas for products that might help/look nice?

2. Does anyone have experience with makeup consults at Sephora?  If I ask them to go light with makeup, will they do that?  I always see salesgirls wearing a TON of makeup, which is why I ask...

Re: Makeup/Complexion Help

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    I think a dermatologist visit would be best.  I struggled for awhile before I found the right topical/oral combination but do pretty well with it.  
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    I would first suggest another trip to the dermatologist.

    As far as makeup goes, I would suggest stuff from Clinique-it's pretty mild, so it *hopefully* wouldn't irritate your skin.

     I had a consultation at Sephora, and was really impressed with the girl who helped me.
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    I'm just nervous because the usual treatment for rosacea is antibiotics, and I really don't want to be on antibiotics permanently because I've read that it can cause other bacteria to be resistant to antibiotics, and I'd rather not have that happen in case I get sick for real.

    But she also said it could be a form of dermatitis, so I guess I probably should check with an actual derm, instead of my general doctor.  Meh.
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    Have you ever tried any products by Dermadoctor? I use the KP duty lotion and it really works great. You could always try something OTC like that before going back to the doctor...may be worth a shot.
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    Wow, that website of theirs is awesome!  They have products for both rosacea and seborrhea (dermatitis), so it looks like whatever I've got, they'd have something that should work.  Thanks!
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    No problem. Some of it can be a little pricey, but everything that I've used has worked.
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    About four years ago I  developed cystic acne.  And while this is going to sound wierd, but makeup actually helps mine go away.
    I'm nit sure why, but when a blemish starts, wearing makeup drys it up.
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    I have lupus and some of the symptoms are very similar to rosacea.  I have tried a bunch of make-up and, ironically, ended up LOVING Bare Minerals.  I thought there was no way anything that light would be able to cover up the "spots" but it does and looks really really natural.  I'm not saying you can't see the redness if you know where to look, but if you didn't know I have lupus, you wouldn't notice anything.  After years of thinking Bare Minerals was a total gimmick, I finally gave in and I'm really glad I did.  If you go into Sephora they'll be able to put it on and you can see whether or not it works for you.  GL!
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    I actually was looking on Sephora's website last night and saw the Bare Minerals stuff and was thinking, like aMrs said, that it might help dry up the oil, if nothing else, but yeah - some of what customers said sounded amazing, so I think I will go in there and ask specifically for that stuff.  Good to know it works for you!
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    Until you visit the Derm try Aveeno's ultra calming moisturizers. I know it sounds kinda counterintuitive if your skin is oily but it has helped my skin a lot, especially with getting rid of some of the redness. 
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    Just make sure when you go in for your consult you tell them exactly what you are looking for.  And try to remember that the ladies there are paid to look incredibly made up, that is generally not how they look on a day-to-day basis, and it's not the only look that they are able to create. 

    As far as skincare is concerned you may want to take a look at both Dermadoctor and Murad while you are there, both have very good collections for more sensitive skin that is prone to redness.  DDF also has a Vitamin K serum that works very well, but I am also a sucker for Vitamin K.

    Also, make sure you make an appointment so they have a full hour to work with you.  Since you are looking primarily for foundation they will be able to have the time to try several on you to see which you prefer.  It's much easier, especially around holiday time, than trying to have someone sit with you for 10-15 minutes and then potentially not enjoying the look the foundation gives you.
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