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XP Does this Seem Rude or Good?

I just got off the phone with my photographer.  She is great and so flexible in having us pay her.  FOR SURE we will have our deposit Dec 3 or bust!  I found out that she does not have a studio so we will definitely have outside photos in December...Here's to hoping it's not too cold!

I thought of a nearby horse ranch that does alot of chairty work.  My venue donates 5-10% of their proftis from my even to any charity we want.  I was thinking of looking at the horse ranch tomorrow on my day off and if I like it asking them if I could do my photos there and have my venue donate their charity to them.  Does this seem rude or fair or...

I thought of this place because I love being outdoors, in the country, and love horsebackriding.  My fiance-he's never been on a horse and is from the city but he does like camping!  He knew he was marrying a rodeo star's granddaughter.  I just wonder if my idea seems rude or impolite.

Thanks for your honest input!
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Re: XP Does this Seem Rude or Good?

  • Are you asking if its rude to ask to do your photo shoot there?

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  • You want to pay them with the venue's donation?
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  • I don't understand. Are you wanting to pay the horse ranch's site fee for photos with the venue's donation? Or are you just wondering if it's an appropriate charity to which to ask your venue to donate?
  • I don't see any harm in asking.  The most they can do is say no.
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  • It sounds like you're saying "If you let us use your ranch for e-pics, I'll have my venue donate to you;" is that right?

    I say go ahead and ask - it can't hurt.  If they don't let you use the ranch for the pictures, are you still going to donate to them? 
  • Yes ohwhynot you are on the right path.  I would like to use the horse ranch for photos and when my venue donates to my charity of choice I will choose the horse ranch.  At this point my fiance and I haven't chosen a charity yet we have good ideas for who want want but haven't selected which one yet.
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  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:9Discussion:e426733a-a30a-45c5-81f1-3627967ae35aPost:2b78ef03-0ec3-4cdc-b1e7-ac16adcc3472">Re: XP Does this Seem Rude or Good?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I would verify with the venue that this counts as a charity before proceeding.  It may not if it's a for profit organization.
    Posted by Night_Sprite[/QUOTE]

    This is good advice.  Is it a true non-profit?  Or it a working (for-profit) ranch that does equine rescue on the side?  Even if the former is true, you'll want to make sure it's a registered 503(c)(3) organization or the donation may not be tax-deductible for your venue. 
  • I'm with Night and Celles. Assuming it is a charity, however, I think that sounds just fine and can't imagine that a charity would find anything rude about being given a donation.
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