Office wedding invites.

I work in a very small office setting (14 people total), with two other outlying facilities that have 3 employees each. I've mentioned that I'm engaged to a couple of people I socialize with outside of work, and it's managed to get around to everyone. Now, I'm planning a small wedding (60 people, and that's almost 90% family) on a fairly tight budget. But a previous employee, who helped me get the job, got married while she was still working here, and invited everyone in the office plus a guest. Now, since word of my engagement has gotten out, I get asked at least once a week about "the date", "the invites", "the ceremony", etc. I keep saying that we are still planning (which we are) and that it will be small and intimate (which, once again, is what I want) but that doesn't last me very long. I was planning on inviting those 1 or 2 (single) people whom I originally told, but I'm being told by most people that I have to invite everyone or no one. 

Any suggestions?
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