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FI unwilling to cut guest list driving me nuts!

So I understand immediate family and all that. His is very small (parents and a sister) and mine is not (four parents, 9 grandparents, 6 siblings) He is very close to a few of his aunts and uncles and not so close with others.

I am sending invites to all my aunts and uncles. I am close with them all, but chances are, with the distance, they won't be coming. I am sending the invite out of courtesy.

My problem is he wants to invite all of his aunts and uncles. Which I mean, fair is fair, but he has aunts, uncles, and cousins that I have never met. A few of them he doesn't even know where they live or have a phone number. I could understand if they lived further away like mine, but we at least talk on the phone and online. He hasn't spoken to his one aunt in over 2 years. He is also the guy who asked a friend to be a groomsmen and I they haven't seen each other since before we got together. He asked him through a text message.

I want him to be happy, but I have a feeling if some of these people aren't there, come wedding day, he won't miss them. I've asked him to give me a good reason why to invite each one and he doesn't have an answer, just that he should.

We are paying for the wedding and I've already had to give up my reception site because we have over 200 guests. It's driving me nuts that we can't really cut anymore. Help?
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