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How far would you go to accommodate this?

One of my cousins is always high maintenance and since she started the "Eat right for your blood type diet" a few years ago, she has "developed" a ton of allergies.  Her mom said they have been severe allergies her whole life, but until the last few years, I have never seen her have any issues.  She always used to eat whatever was provided, and I distinctly remember her eating things that she is "deathly allergic" to now.  I understand allergies can appear later in life, but the fact that they are claiming they have always been issues and knowing the time they arose, make me want to call them out on it (although I never would).

My mom has been handling all response cards and she just received the one for this cousin and her family.  She rsvpd for 5 people, but only listed 4 menu choices.  On the back she listed all of the things people in her family could not eat and stated that her youngest does not like anything that is offered, so we need to figure something out with the caterer.

I think the one that got to me most was that she stated that she and her daughter do not eat cake and would need to be provided with a different dessert. 

This is mostly a vent, because this family always wants special treatment for everything and quite frankly they drive me crazy.  However, how far would you go to accommodate them? 
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