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Rando Love Fest

Soooo I took a little knot-cation for the past couple days just to chill and adjust ;)

but I miss you all!! What's new? How is every one else doing??

ps- I am four glasses of wine in. WTF not right? any one else KUI?

Re: Rando Love Fest

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    Hi gorgeous!  

    Shockingly, after the craptastic day I had, I'm not drunk.  

    Just finished watching Top Chef and now we're on to Survivor.  I can't believe how much reality TV I watch now b/c of Christian.
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     Long time, no see!!

    FI and I are arguing with each other (again) about having a charity for our wedding registry, while his good friends are on the phone.

    They both side with me. I'm happy.
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    hey you!  Shouldn't you be drinking the Something Blue cocktail on thirsty Thursday?!
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    Hey Megs, glad to see you back! 

    Watching Project Runway right now and still not sure who I want to win.

    Julez, tonight's Survivor is the best yet! So good!
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    I've been away for the last week and I'm having such a hard time adjusting. 


    I feel like an 80 year old. No knew forum hate, just high levels of confusion. ! 


    No KUI here- it's 1:30 pm. So very, very humid. Think I will take a shower shortly.

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    Which do you side with Rach?

    I totally vote charity ;P I love that shiit.

    Mike is watching season four of rescue me but that shiz is just SO dark I can barely watch it.
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    Sun- never to early to start! May I recommend the something blue cocktail Kate speaks so highly ok? ;) It is mainly champagne which works just fiiiine for me!

    Good to see all you girls too! and you are right, not so much hate as an 80 year old behind the wheel not really getting it. I feel I just want to stay in the parking lot and scratch my lottery tickets to see if I won haha.

    ps- don;t hate but this weekend my friends are throwing a full blown Happy Birthday Miley Cyrus party jsut so we can buy her absurb clothing line from Walmart and we can see all the boys in hot Billy Ray Cyrus cowboy hats and inappropriately buttoned shirts.
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    oh meg i just fell in love with you a little bit more!  please tell me there will be mullets!
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    I'm so happy that you have that screenshot.

    look at my crappy little silver badge!

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    I hope to high heaven there are. These kids can get really crazy.
    Help me shop Kate? What do you think of this?

    Disgusting enough?
    FYI - I already have hot pink stilettos and a silver belt...
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    OOT that is pure tragedy :(

    How's M doing with the new behbeh?
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    RachNRichRachNRich member
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Rando Love Fest</a>:
    [QUOTE]Which do you side with Rach? I totally vote charity ;P I love that shiit.
    Posted by MeaghanandMichael[/QUOTE]

    Not funny Meaghan, not funny.
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    Oh yes that will be just glorious. 

    There's also this gem:
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    I hate it, I haven't had a lot of knot time either :(

    I have been doing a lot of work and a lot of school...which i am "schooling" now as we speak.
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    Kate -eeeh I am hoping it goes down to 7 dollars, I mean, can I really afford 8 for that?? hahah

    Rach - I totally get it. I know how people on here feel about donations to charity so I know what you are saying. I actually completely agree with them to a point. The thing is, I feel like sometimes people are a bit over zealous. If you know your crowd(like I did) some people are thrilled and honored to see those kinds of things happen. If your crowd would be all WTF then def not. Why not do a little good :) However, real presents are key too ;)
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    Shelly- glass o' wine in hand as you school, correct?
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    I had the worst day on the planet that ended with me crying in an airport garage unable to find my car.

    But then I came home and had wine and ice cream and I'm feeling pretty good.
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    I opened the fridge and considered the cold moscato in there, but found some sorbet in the freezer and decided to eat that instead... it's actually not so good though, it's gone a little bit gluggy and is melting rapidly.
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    Hi Ladies! I'm about to pour myself some wine...
    Sorry to hear about so many craptastic days!
    Mine wasn't bad, but I researched Shylock for most of the afternoon and evening, so I'm ready for a drink.
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    hmmm... sunshine9463? I thought my username was pinotbride. 
    Must have effed something up with my infinite computer knowledge.
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