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Bar options for reception, which should I choose?

Hi girls,

So FI and I are not big drinkers, a glass of wine at a nice dinner is about it so I have no idea how to best serve my guests in this area.  We have two options within our budget:
1- beer, wine, soda, premium liquor for cocktail hour and beer, wine, soda, no liquor for reception; or,
2-beer, wine, soda, house liquor for the entire time

The last option that I asked the wedding coordinator at the venue to check on is having beer, wine and soda and then picking three-four drinks made with premium liquor to be served throughout the night, I still do not know if this is an option though.

What do you think is our best choice?

Re: Bar options for reception, which should I choose?

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    Personally, I'm doing number 2. It allows my friends who are not beer and wine people (on of our GMs is strictly a vodka and cranberry man) to pick up a well drink on our tab throughout the night. Everyone has their go-to drink of choice and I imagine they'll want to drink it throughout the night, not just cocktail hour.
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    I think the beer, wine, and house liquor for the entire time is definitely the best option.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Bar options for reception, which should I choose?</a>:
    [QUOTE]does my wedding look tacky serving house instead of premium liquor?
    Posted by jnic0319[/QUOTE]

    Not at all!!
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    Figure out, from your guest list, the best option and chose accordingly.

    When we went down our list, we figured that really only about a third to forty percent of our guests really drink.  Fortunately, we get to provide the alcohol, so we'll be saving money that way and whatever is consumed, we get to keep.  Regular drinks will be provided by the caterer (soda, etc.).

    If cost is an issue on top of it, I'd just serve wine throughout the evening (which has totally been done), on top of soft drinks.  Folks can forego beer for one night, especially at a wedding reception/high class affair.

    BTW, few folks are good enough to tell what they are drinking (top shelf versus house) and if one person  has a complaint, ts - I could care less about these things when I'm the one footing the bill and am nice enough to give you an invite to my affair. 
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