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Do you think this is weird? MIL related

I love my MIL.  We are very close and get along great and everything.

So recently I keep realizing how little she keeps us in the loop about family stuff.  On Thanksgiving, we went to my H's uncle's house and my H's cousin was obviously pregnant.  She has a one year old so I was scared to ask, you know in case it was just weight gain, so when I had a private second I asked my MIL if said cousin is pregnant.  Yep, she's like 4 months pregnant and no one ever told us!  And that side of the family is pretty close, so I just can't believe it never came up for her to tell us.  So I thought that was kind of weird, but whatever. 

Then the other day my H's other cousin's wife friended me on FB.  So I accept and check out her page and she's got a post on there about how she's due in 5 WEEKS.  I had no idea she was pregnant!!  This probably also means there was a baby shower I wasn't invited to, don't you think?  Again, MIL and FIL are very close with this side of the family and by extension, we do our best of course. 

Finally, last night my H calls his parents and they weren't home.  So he called back about 9:30.  Oh my H's uncle was in town so they all went out to dinner.  They didn't even bother to tell us uncle was in town or ask if we wanted to join.  My H is fairly close with this uncle.

What the heck? Isn't this weird?  I mean maybe it's because my H is an only child and never cared about family stuff when he was just a single dude, but I feel like a part of the family now and I do care and I do want to know what's going on with everyone.  Is it my responsibility now to find this stuff out or shouldn't my ILs keep us in the loop?  Do you think I should talk to my MIL about this? 
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Re: Do you think this is weird? MIL related

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    If you're close and get along well, I don't see a problem in saying "hey, we've felt a little out of the loop lately, next time someone is in town we'd love to see them."  Don't place any blame, just give her a heads up. 
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    DH's family is kind of the way.

    Sadly I find out more about them on FB.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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    I wouldn't assume anything's intentional...JK has good advice that you can just mention it to her.

    Better than mentioning it in a general way though, would be for specifics. Like say "we like to be a part of the family gatherings & see y'all. Next time uncle or someone similar shows up and you go to dinner, we'd love to be involved" or something like that.
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    Oh I definitely don't think it's intentional at all.  I just wonder if I'm being too sensitive to it, and should care less since it's his family anyway and not really mine, or if it really is weird or not.
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