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What's your passion?


Re: What's your passion?

  • When I donate money or time to charitable causes, it's either a local food bank that has no religious affiliation, or to a "riding for the handicapped" program that uses horseback riding as therapy - usually for developmentally disabled children. 

    I've donated a ton of money and time to the schools I've coached for.  In theory I was paid, but I worked way more hours/months than they paid for.  And I frequently used my own money for training aids, etc. 

    On a personal level, I enjoy cooking in much the same way as LC.
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  • I think it's ridiculous that people would take me seriously when I say I like animals more than people. What human wouldn't help another human in need? Seriously?

    Like golden said, I don't know of any animal lover that would not help another human being. I have a lot of compassion for people. However, I just have more compassion for abused animals than many irresponsible adults. It's not that I don't know a lot of great people. I do. I'm just also surrounded by a lot of stupid people that make me not feel as sorry for them as I do their dog (and children).
  • I pretty much feel heartless if I say no to any charity, so I will always donate something if asked. 
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_etiquette_whats-passion?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding BoardsForum:9Discussion:e7821ac2-e31d-458b-9e56-f4400c529497Post:8127c42a-b488-4eed-9345-d49a17608b73">Re: What's your passion?</a>:
    [QUOTE] i have much more compassion for sick animals than people.
    Posted by dnbeach12[/QUOTE]

    Me too. I've always loved animals. I'd rather be around them than be around people. When I worked as a grooming assistant I never woke up not wanting to go to work. I love being around the dogs.

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  • I gave WAAAAY too much money to charity this year.  I'm thankful for the tax breaks.
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    I've found it interesting to hear how many young people donate regularly to charity. Being young and fairly recently out of college, as well as having the economy suck, you would think a lot of young people couldn't afford it. It's nice to see.
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    I love kids (esp young kids) and working with them. I especially love special needs kids. We are very involved with our church youth group. Of course, I am a pre-k teacher and I also work in our church nursery.
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  • Nutrition, cooking, homeless people (I have a very soft heart for them)
  • I feel like I always miss the good threads...

    My passion is volunteering and raising money for the MS Society. My mother died from complications from the disease and lived in a nursing home with others that have the disease. I've seen way too many people affected by it to not get involved.

    I love animals too. Count me in with the Birdies and KJBs of the world. I would love to open a day car or fostering center for animals.
  • I want to punch those people who had negative things to say. I think it's amazing and kind what he did.

    My passions: Yoga. And creating things.

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  • I love this thread!  I no longer donate to the 'popular' animal charities (ASPCA, Humane Society, PETA etc).  After a lot of research I prefer to keep my donations to local shelters & rescues that IMO truly believe in the No Kill philosophy and don't just scream about pet overpopulation and use that as an excuse to kill perfectly adoptable pets.  There is always a solution to a problem and killing an animal isn't a solution to me.  PETA publicly called for all of Michael Vick's dogs to be euthanized because Pit Bulls are dangerous, they still feel this way about Pits, Google it.  Yet PETA raised millions of dollars on a 'Save the Vick Dogs' campaign.  Where did that money go?  It surely didn't go to Vick's dogs.  PETA wants to ban the breed and calls for auto death on any Pit that enters a shelter.   It just makes me sick sometimes.   Now I prefer to take my check to the local shelter because I can see where my money is going.  The ASPCA raised 120 million in donations in ONE year, 30 million came from the Angel campaign featuring the Sarah McLachlan song and yet they systemtically send thousands of animals to the pound to be killed each day.  They certainly have the funds to promote adoption campaigns, spay & neuter programs etc yet they choose to kill.  I can't get behind that mentality.

    Ah sorry for the rant. 
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  • I am tardy to the party but animals are my passion...

    I think in part because many are so inhumanely treated only a human can do it and they sadly do not have a voice their own.  I also know that a few of the Nickelback members are active in animal rescue (they picked our group to sponsor at their concert here in Cbus so we got some VIP time with them talking about rescue and how to make the most impact).

    That is not to say I won't help a kid or a person in need...I donate a lot to those causes too, heck I donate my hair to Pantene, but in the end I look out for the animals.

    I also think what fuels my passion is the fact I can get a dog that was so badly abused, beaten, and with a broken spirit (one would pee himself if you approached) and I could get them to trust again, love again, be a dog again. 

    I think it's remarkable how dogs can forgive...people don't always, many carry a grudge.  Dog also love unconditionally which for me is hard to understand how someone can exploit that and abuse an animal...it makes me sick to my stomach some of the emails I get (someone raping pittie puppies and it killed two of them, a dog with a head pinned down and set on fire, dogs chained and left in the cold, pups thrown out car windows, dogs dragged behind cars....it goes on and on.)

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  • Pink - I'm the same way - I used to donate to one national like ASPCA and one local.  Now I just do one local and send them more.  My favorite is a local Keeshond rescue.  The woman who runs it is amazing.   
  • Pink and Kellyjelly and others who are interested...

    The group I am involved with has some elevated dogs beds (roughly $12 each to make) PM me if you want the link...we get these out to a lot of the rural shelters to at least get the dogs off the concrete and more comfortable.

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  • An elevated dog bed?  I love that.  Send me the link!  We might have something similiar at the shelter but it is just a wooden square that we pile with blankets & a dog bed (if we have one).

    The nicest dog I ever met came to the shelter as a starved & neglected "stray"  He would have been put to sleep immediately if he ended up at a shelter that didn't embrace the No Kill philosophy.  Nobody would have ever known how he gives hugs & kisses, his spirit was never broken - he loved every single person he ever met.  I am actually sad I don't get to visit him anymore but of course I'm happy he has a home.

    Corky before:

    Corky after a few weeks of good food & lots of lovin' (he is giving me one of his famous hugs)

    Corky with his new mommy!  He looks like a different dog. 

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  • Pink...I sent the PM but TK is being funky....

    And Corky is BEAUTIFUL...I got a dog bed to a pittie that the shelter named Survivor (he should not have survived - he had burns from laying in his own feces, would fight to stand and wobbly over to you but honestly his muscles were so deteriorated and they shelter tried what they could to make him comfy but the bed did the trick he had so many pressure sores from his bones being on hard surfaces)

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