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Gift from bride's parents to groom?

Hi All,

My fiance's parents have told him they are getting me a nice piece of jewelry as a wedding gift. Is my father supposed to get a separate gift for my fiance? (He is generously paying for most of the wedding.)


Re: Gift from bride's parents to groom?

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    I think this is a cultural/family thing.  I did not receive a separate gift from my MIL (and didn't expect one).  My parents did get H a gift (though we had no idea it was coming and he didn't expect it). 

    It was actually very cute - my dad's a very hands-on Mr. fix it type and I take after him in that regard.  H on the other hand is not at all mechanical, though he has been learning since we've been together and started making more of an effort when we became homeowners.  My dad made a little speech at the RD about how his little girl just couldn't marry a man who didn't own any tools, so he got H this really nice saw (He would have gone for the Dewalt beginners set but I already had it Wink)

    Point is - no; I don't think your dad needs to get your FI a gift.  Has your FI indicated that he's expecting one?  or did he seem surprised by the "tradition" as well?  If you think FI will be hurt if he doesn't I'd try to bring down his expectation by explaining that's not a tradition you/your family has done in the past.
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