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I've been asked to perform a wedding ceremony - HELP!

A very close friend and FI have asked for me to perform their wedding ceremony.  I feel very honored but I'm scared out of my mind.  All you have to be is a notary in the state of FL.

Please point me to a good website with complete wedding ceremony wording.  He has 2 children she has none.  They want something non-demoninational and not overy religious.  They would like something about blending and becoming one family.  All I can find online is just what their vows would be not the entire ceremony.

Thank you!

Re: I've been asked to perform a wedding ceremony - HELP!

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    If you aren't comfortable doing it, don't.
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    I think I would ask them to write their own ceremony. You could browse a few bios around here, a lot of people have their whole ceremony in their bio, but do you perform ceremonies on a regular basis? If not, I would, again, ask them to write their own.
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    You might want to ask blended families on the nest or second marriages here on the knot.
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    Obviously I don't know you but someone you consider to be a close friend has bestowed a very special honor on you!  You must be someone they trust and value - more importantly, you must be someone who they believe is capable of doing this!  Since they don't want something overly religious do some research on non traditional weddings.  Take a look at the ceremony boards to get some ideas...i think most importantly though, when writing it speak from your hear about the couple and the family they are forming.  I am sure you will do fine!  Good luck.
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    We asked a friend and gave her the whole ceremony.

    That being said, I think there are books out there that can help guide you through writing one.  Mine is in my planning bio and was borrowed from people on here because it was so good.
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    I didn't mean to imply I wasn't comfortable doing it, I just meant, this is a big deal and I wan't to do a good job for them.  I've found a lot on vows for them to say but they plan to write their own vows.  I'm just finding very little on entire ceremonies.  Our pastor didn't ask my husband and I to write our entire ceremony, we chose from one he had and the same goes for everyone I know.
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    Indiebride used to have a section where people included their entire ceremonies (I think it was under the Vows head). I don't know if it's still there.

    That said, are you sure they want you to write the whole ceremony? My ex- and I asked our MOH and BM to officiate our ceremony, but we wrote the whole thing (because we wanted to). We cobbled it together from bits and pieces we found on Indiebride and Wedding Channel (I'm almost certain that thread doesn't exist anymore) plus some other sites online.

    Also if you haven't already, I'd just make sure they really want you to write it rather than them writing it all.
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