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I got married March 19th (coming up on two months now) and I am wondering about the etiquette regarding thank yous.  I know TK says to get them out within two months of the wedding.  My husband and I are both full-time students and started a new term full-swing two days after we returned from our honeymoon.  As a result, we haven't exactly had spare time to dedicate to writing thank yous.  I have done some, my husband has whined and not done any yet (I need to sit down and force him haha).  Anyway, this Thursday marks two months for us.  I have read elsewhere that you should get the thank yous out within three months.  Is this acceptable as well?  I don't want to offend anyone, but it would take a huge burden off of us if we could wait until school is done with to work on them.  Let me know what you think!  =)
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Re: Wedding Thank Yous

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    I would just continue to work on them in the spare time you do have and send them out ASAP.
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    You should get them out as quickly as possible.  Please don't put them off any longer.  Make the time to do them.  And tell your H to suck it up.  He had the fun, he got the gifts, he can write a couple of thank-you notes without whining.

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    [QUOTE]You should get them out as quickly as possible.  Please don't put them off any longer.  Make the time to do them.  And tell your H to suck it up.  He had the fun, he got the gifts, he can write a couple of thank-you notes without whining.
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    It's true... You really should have them out as soon as possible. I don't think it's a good idea to wait till school's over to do it. Just take a night to sit down together and write them out. Then another night you can address and stamp them. Just get them done. Hope it's fun for you! (I actually really like writing TYs.)
    & Congratulations on your happy new life. (:
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    A late thank-you is better than none at all, but keep in mind that these people took time out to celebrate you and your new H (congrats!!) and many bought gifts. They deserve a genuine thank-you. I understand that you are strapped for time, as my FI is always travelling for work and I am a full-time student as well, but it's one ot those things you have to make time for during your evening tv shows or something! Good luck!
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    A thank you note at 3 months is better than no thank you at all, however, as PPs said, do them asap!  If you make a goal of 5 a night each (or something like that) you could get them done sooner than just giving yourself more and more time to finish them.
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    If you have time for sex, you have time to write a couple of TYs each night.  ;-)

    Srsly, you guys  need to get those done.  Do 10 a day and you'll be done in no time.
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    Weekends. An hour or two a night. If you end up writing them all, so be it. Don't wait on him straggling (may be an unpopular opinion, but I'd rather all of my thank you notes be out than sit around waiting for my husband to get off his butt and write his portion).

    Yes, it can be tedious, but each and every person you are writing a thank you note  to was kind enough to think of you and give you something to start your life together, whether it was a physical gift or a monetary gift.
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    I think if you can get them out within the 3 month period you will be fine.  The people who came to your wedding are probably people who love you very much, and they know you have been busy with the wedding, honeymoon, and school.  They would not want you to be burdened with the stress of getting out the thank-you cards within the 2 months just because that is the standard.   Your friends and family want you to be happy.
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    I agree with PPs to get them done as soon as possible-- 1, because it's polite of course, but 2, it won't be hanging over your head any more! We got ours out a lot later than I ever expected (I think we were around 2 months out) but for the weeks before we got them done, I was anxious and guilty feeling, knowing I hsould have done them already. 
    Like others saidd, commit to doing 5  or 10 a night, then you can always address them all in one swoop over the weekend if that is easier. Also, set up a station with your list of gifts, addresses, TY cards and envelopes, stamps, and good pens, so it's easy to just sit down and bang a few out. 
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