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I have a huge family which means an even bigger guest list. We know a majority of the people are going to come and I was wondering is it rude to have some people sit outside and others sit inside? The venue is a long hall with windows all around and has a large lawn area for ceremonies and cocktails. We would like a dance and if a majority of the guests come (which we think they will) then it limits the amount of space in the venue. If we have about 10-15 tables outside it would save room for the dance and it would not feel as crowded in the hall. Is that rude or uncommon to have some people sit outside and others sit inside?
To all who responded:

I like the idea of having the dance floor outside too. I was not crazy about the idea of having half people inside and others outside, but I wanted to see what brides thought and if this was something people have experienced or had to deal with. As far as the venue, it's in our price range, we like it, it allows us to bring our own caterer and can hold a large number of people. I am just looking for opinions on my ideas and am trying to figure out effective ways to use the space. Thank you to those who offered alternatives.
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