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Good Evening, Eeners!

Hi ladies! How is everyone this fine Monday night?

Anything new on E? Anything new about life in general?
DH is asleep and I've opened a fresh beer, so talk to me.

Re: Good Evening, Eeners!

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    I just had some scrambled eggs (why are they never as good when you make them yourself?) andnow I think I need some cereal.
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    Mmm breakfast for dinner is always a good idea. I love me some breakfast. I had an obscene amount of eggs benedict on our cruise Embarassed

    I'm not a cereal kinda girl, though. Milk is bleh for me. <-----Random fact for ya.
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    Haha I'm not an eggs benedict fan :P
    I hate milk (unless its chocolate and ice cold) but I love, love, love cereal. I could most definitely live off of it.
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    Oh! Rox, I had some fantastic beer in Alaska. The white ale is my new fave.

    J and I saw some of the Amber at the grocery today. BUT it was like $11 for a six pack, so we opted for my old standby Bud instead.
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    Alaskan Amber?

    T and I are going back home in Sept. I'm soooo excited!

    Did you go to Ancorage? Tell me about your trip!
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    How, I ask you how, can you not like eggs benedict?!

    What kind of cereal do you like? Do you put milk in the cereal?

    I am full of questions this evening.
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    The Alaskan Amber Ale. I think that's what it was.

    Yay! How long are you going back for?

    We missed Ancorage. Boo. We went to Juneau, Sitka, Ketchican (sp?) and cruised by glacier bay. We went to Victoria, BC as well, which was awesome.

     Ketchican was my favorite, I think. Such cool history and whatnot. We didn't do any excursions, apart from the Mandenhil (again, sp?) Glacier, but went and explored the towns which was cool.
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    Oh man, yeaaaa, I've never been those places, except Sitka. I'm glad you had a blast, Alaska is beautiful.

    We're only going back for 5 days but it'll be great. We have soo many things we want to do.
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    How long has it been since you've been back? And is T from your hometown? I don't know why but I didn't think that he was. Hmm.
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    Yup, T and I both grew up in Anchorage. He was born there but I was born in Fairbanks and had also moved away twice but Anchorage is definitely our hometown. We haven't been back in almost 3 years so it'll be nice. I get to meet my niece for the first time (she'll be 3 in Dec.).
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    Oh, ok! 3 years is a long time, that's great! How exciting to get to meet your niece too. I bet you can't wait! Is most of your family still there?
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    Yea, its the only niece/ nephew where I wasn't there when they were born, etc.
    My brother and his little family still live there as do my aunts and uncles (theyre up in fairbanks though, where we wont be going). T's family all still lives there though.
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    I see. Can't wait to see pictures! I am still in awe of how beautiful everything is. Just so... peaceful, if that makes any sense.

    How is everything else? Job, FSIL, etc?

    I start school again on the 25th and I'm kind of excited, kind of dreading it. I got zero financial aid so I'm looking at loans, which is the suck. I was super lucky to not have to take out loans until this point, though. So I suppose I can't complain.
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    It is peaceful! T and I talk about how quiet it is there, its weird.
    Things are sucks...fsil (if I can call her that) is...herself.

    Yay for school! Sort of, haha. How much longer do you have?
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    Yea, I suppose I should've called her T's sister (or empress of darkness? I keed, I keed)
    Are you back to your location at work, at least?

    Two years at the very least. Probably longer since I'm only taking one class this semester (the typical load for my program is two). Bleh. I think I'm just nervous because even though I got my BA with these teachers, I have no idea how different grad school will be.
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    OH geez, nope. My managers out for surgery so I'm covering for her...whatever. When she gets back though, I have to switch offices with her on monday so its "less stressful" for her. Riiiiiight. More like, she doesnt like to work soo yea.

    Aww, school will be alright! Exciting to get it done.
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    Oh, man. Nothing much has changed, huh. Do they ever give you a raise for being able to cover a manager?

    Thank you! I'm hoping so, we'll see how it goes.

    On a different note, an apparent documentary of one of my tv boyfriends, Anthony Bourdain, is on.  Do you ever watch No Reservations?
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    A raise?! Hahahah I wish.

    I love cooking and home decor yet I never watch food network or hgtv. I've heard its good though :)
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    I suspected as much.

    Anthony (we're on a first name basis, dontchaknow) is on Travel and is awesome. He, Jon Stewart and Anderson Cooper are my TV loves. I have a thing for salt and pepper hair, I s'pose :)

     I am suprised you don't watch HGTV! Hehe.

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    Ohh travel.
    I used to watch all 3 of those then I just....stopped.

    You know whose grey hair I used to love? Shepard Smith. Uh huh.
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    Haha! See, I do like his hair but he has the googly eyes. *shudder*  :)

    Anyway, I'm off to bed. Lots of unpacking and laundry to tackle tomorrow. Night, lovely!
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