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For those that are already married.....

The day after the wedding, what did you do?

We are planning to have a family brunch at the hotel where the wedding is held the morning after the wedding. It is sort of a family tradition on both sides. But afterwards, my FMIL is hosting a dinner at her place and would like us to make an appearance. She asked us what we would be doing that day, and we actually had no clue what to tell her. I'd assume we would be too tired and family'd out, but I can't think of anything we would have to actually DO. We aren't leaving for our honeymoon until a couple of days later.

What did you do the day after your wedding?
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Re: For those that are already married.....

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    We had breakfast with his family at the hotel then had a brunch at my parent's house with my family. We were definitely tired but it was nice to just relax with everyone in a more chill setting and not have to deal with any decisions (mom dealt with everything).
    The day after that we ended up going to DC with my dad's family since they had never been. My grandparent's still talk about how awesome it was and how happy they were to spend time with us.
  • We went to the hotel restaurant where most of the guests were staying at.  We went around the room saying thank you and good bye.  Then we went back to the rental house where a lot of people stopped by and said goodbye.  Around 3pm we went to lunch and then drove 3 hours to JFK for out night flight to Amsterdam.

    I loved seeing everyone the next day.  The re-caps of the reception where so funny.

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  • We got up early and left for the honeymoon. It was a long drive and we needed to get there by a certain time. Our family volunteered to come over and clean up for us, but since they weren't going to get there until around noon we weren't able to see them.
  • Can I answer if I'm not married yet? We're planning to attend a BBQ. It's actually at the beach house where we're staying, but my parents are taking care of everything. It will be from 1 to 4, and after that I imagine we'll just sit around and talk about the wedding day. And have sex.
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  • We had lunch with the people who'd come from the US/UK and then hung out with them for the rest of the day. That was our choice, however, since we decided to take 2 weeks off after the wedding but spend the first 5 days still in Santiago in order to actually have time to hang out with my friends and dad who'd come all the way to Chile.

    I don't know that you'd be too exhausted to even make an appearance at dinnertime (our wedding went til 5am, and we were fine), but if the issue is that you just might not want to I think saying that you'd like to have time alone is a legit excuse.
  • We took my H's family and a few friends that had late flights to my grandparents farm for lunch and to visit the new baby horses that were born the night before our wedding.  And, they all ended up getting to ride one of the show horses, which was super fun to see.  However, that meant I had to ride first, to sort of settle the horse.  I was already dressed for our honeymoon flight, and riding in my good jeans and FLIP FLOPS is not adviseable.  However, I survived, and got my jeans cleaned up enough that I didn't have to root around in my luggage for another pair.

    I think you'll be fine to stop by for dinner.  I would sort of set the expectation that you might need to leave early, so that you can if you want, but it'll probably be fun to see everybody one more time. 

    Heck, our HM flight had most of H's family on it - they live in Boston, and we changed planes in Boston on our way to France.  We didn't even know until the day before the wedding that we were all on the same flight.  Just a random coincidence. 
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  • We left for our HM the very next day. We went from the reception venue to the hotel the same night we got married. We were very exhausted, but that was the only way we could have done it. We live out of state and H had only had 2 wks vacation for the wedding and HM. H's sister graduated from college the week before our wedding, so we were home for that and got married the following weekend. We drove home to Ohio for the wedding, left out of the airport for the HM and drove back to Georgia after the HM.
  • I desperately wanted to have dinner/lunch... something with my family before they all took off the next day, but they'd all made alternate plans. :(
  • We had a hosted brunch at the hotel where the reception was for guests to come eat, say goodbye, etc before they left (most of our guests were OOT).  Then we helped my mom collect all of the flowers and decorations and put them in the car.  After that we headed up my friends lake house in Michigan (30 mins away) for the day with my HS friends.  We were tubing, ate, went out on the boat, played was really fun.  Then we went back to South Bend and went out to dinner with H's entire extended family.  We were TIRED by the end, but it was a good day. 
  • mil cooked a huge breakfast and people came over and we opened gifts.
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  • We're having an open house for anyone that feels like joining us. Not everyone on our guest list even knows about day after brunches and would probably be annoyed to have another event to attend. So we're just getting some trays of veggies, meats, cheese, etc. and some snacky food. People can pop in whenever.

    Then we're going to a wrestling show with a dozen people, where I'm going to surprise FI with the gift I got him.

  • We had breakfast at my dad's house with some family, opened our gifts and cards, packed some last minute things and then spent the rest of the day in the airport when our flight was delayed to leave for our honeymoon.
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  • We slept late, and then hung out with some people in the hotel lobby for a bit.  Then we went to lunch with my mom and sister (it was Mother's Day), hung out and recapped the wedding a bit, and then had dinner with DH's family. 

    We really were just DONE with partying and being the center of attention by the end of the reception, so it was nice to keep things low key.
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  • we were on our honeymoon...we left immeidately after teh wedding.
  • I told my parents a year before the wedding that they should consider the first day of our marriage as the first day of our honeymoon regardless of when we were leaving.  We were sure we would want that to be a romantic day for just the two of us.  I would have told her the same.  
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    We didn't leave for the honeymoon until the Tuesday after the wedding, so the next day we went to RennFest. Several of my friends (some at the wedding, some weren't) wound up going as a group also, so it was really nice to get to spend a little more time with them when we weren't running around like crazy.
  • About 85% of our guests were OOT so we had a brunch the next morning for all to get a meal before heading to the airport.  We left for the HM on Monday so after the brunch, we went home and packed for the trip and put away a bunch of wedding stuff.
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