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Gifts for parents

I am trying to think of something nice, cute and different for the parents as a special thank you for everything they have done.  My future MIL is pretty sentimental and would like anything but my mom is not really the sentimental type and I can't think of what to get for her.  Any ideas???

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    I got my mom a digital picture frame, and am giving her a memory card with wedding pictures when we get them
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    I always say you can't go wrong with a nice evening out: a gift certificate to a restaurant or concert tickets are usually really appreciated. I'm giving FILs tickets to a dinner theater in their hometown so they get dinner and a show.
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    I got my parents photo albums, home made notecards and something else... check out my bio under "gifts"... I'm too lazy to look :)

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    I bought everyone a digital picture frame on black friday and I plan on adding the wedding pictures to it.

    Other than that, I plan on writing them all a nice thank you note and possibly putting together a shadow box of wedding keepsakes. I'm not 100% on the last idea though. We'll see.
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    I had a necklace made for my mom with two charms - one representing her and my dad, the other representing me and my FI.  It's totally her style, and can be added on to in the future when kids come along.
    For my dad, I'm getting him a double picture frame.  On one side will be a picture of him and me when I was a baby, the other will be us during the father/daughter dance.
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