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Not Inviting Cousins

My cousin, who I barely know, is getting married this summer. His mother (my aunt, who I'm closer to but rarely see or speak to) just sent me a personal email asking me to save the date and ending with, "Hope you can be there!"

I don't think my aunt is going to get too touchy about it or anything, but we're not planning on inviting my cousins to our wedding in December. Should I let her know that or hint at it in some way now, or just leave it alone until our save-the-dates go out? Also, is it more polite to attend her son's wedding as requested, or to bow out since we won't be reciprocating?

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Re: Not Inviting Cousins

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    if you barely know them, i'm not sure why you were invited in the first place.

    if it will just be a saturday of your time, and a token gift, i'd probably go.  but if i had to incur a hotel expense or flight or hours and hours in a car, i probably would decline.  and no, you dont have to reciprocate the invite.

    i have many first cousins that i havent seen or spoken to in 10+ years (not out of any ill will, we just arent close, and never were).  they were not invited to our wedding, although their parents, who i do have regular contact with, were.  i also have aunts and uncles and grandparents that werent invited becuase there is ill will. but that's another story.  :-)

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