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Preparing for a guest list meltdown...

Hi everyone.

I am debating on how to tell my future mother-in-law that we (both my fiance and I) are really not interested in having her father and stepmother & brother and girlfriend at the wedding. She has told me that if I do not invite her father/stepmother they will be extremely hurt and insulted and her brother/girlfriend have done "so much" for my fiance.

Let me further explain, since I'm sure this sounds crazy.

Her father is so completely opinionated that no matter how rational your thought is he will always shoot you down. Neither myself nor my fiance have been in touch with him for months now, and in all honesty any family event we've ever attended with him present has always been about how much better than you he makes himself out to be.

On the other hand, her brother is a complete pervert who has made advances towards his own girlfriend's niece (I WISH I was joking, trust me), and his girlfriend is two-faced- will be a chatty-Kathy with you while you're at her home but will talk crap about you behind your back every chance she gets.

I guess my question is, should we be pressured/feel obligated to invite family who we can never enjoy ourselves around to please his mother, or should I let her down as gently as possible (it goes without saying that I have aunts and uncles invited and she feels as though my FI's g-parents and uncle should be invited as well)? Help! Sorry in advance for unloading a lot of personal details on here, it's a sticky situation I know.
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