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How to serve dinner at reception?

Hi everyone,

My FI is in charge of planning the food/catering. We are thinking of having a dinner where large platters of food are brought to the tables by servers, and the guests at the round tables pass the plates (just like a family sit-down meal) to one another and serve themselves. The servers will come and collect the empty plates and refill them if necessary for people to have second servings.
What do you all think of this idea? I was at a wedding last week that did it like this.
Have any of you seen something like this or have done it this way yourselves? We don't want to do a buffet, or a plated dinner.
We plan to serve grilled salmon, halibut with a nice green salad, and lots of appetizer type foods. There will be a cocktail hour before hand where people will have finger foods to nibble on, like cheese, fruit, etc.
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