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  • I just saw a quick news blip on it.  Any link with anything more in-depth?
  • I am, frankly, annoyed by this.  It seems like there's an attempt to starve the Palestinians out of Gaza,  and while the group could certainly have delivered the shipments to the Israeli's, there's very little probability that it would have even ever gone to the people who need it.
  • I shall have to learn more about the background on all of this.

    On the surface it seems all parties were in the wrong.  Soldiers could have used other methods, flotilla could have followed official guidelines. 

  • My opinion - I think that humanitarian aid should be immune from deadly force between nations at war.

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  • Andy, the CNN article made it sound as if they boarded just to search the shipments for weapons, as they search all shipments.  The CNN article also made it sounds as if that one boat was ready for a fight.  In all honesty that kind of raises more questions for me, since CNN is usually slanted to the activist side.
  • Well, there's a blockade of all Gaza ports that's been in effect for 3 years, so all aid HAS to go through Israel.  Unfortunately, they hardly let any of it into the Palestinian area, and one of the articles mentioned that they're only sending out a fourth of what is actually required. I kind of feel like if Israel would do the right thing, and get ALL the necessary aid out to those who need it, people wouldn't try to run a blockade to get it to them.

    There's also the fact that this was a highly publicized event, everyone knew it was going to happen, so there's the idea that the activists knew they were going to fail, and wanted to bring as much bad publicity to the Israeli defence forces as they could because they knew it was going to be a fiasco.
  • see, that's the part I'm kind of stuck on.  Were they running the blockade because they really care about Gaza or were they running it to piss off Isreal?
  • I think a little bit of both, honestly.  It was kind of a win-win situation.  If they get through, they deliver the aid, and show that they could beat the blockade.  If they didn't get through, and things went bad, Israel looks bad for the actions they take.
  • I'm going to have to read more before I can have an educated opinion, but thanks for the links. I haven't watched the news all weekend.
  • Total BS

    The ship was for humanitarian aid and there's a huge difference between fight with clubs and knives and opeing gunfire.

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