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Who Do You Invite To The Bachelorette Party?

I know that etiquette for the Bridal Shower is to invite all of the women who are also invited to the wedding.  But is it the same for the Bachelorette Party?  Or do I just invite my friends and family that I want to party with for the Bachelorette Party??

Re: Who Do You Invite To The Bachelorette Party?

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    Well, technically it should be whoever's hosting the party inviting them, but if your host asked for a guest list, it's whoever you want at the party who is also coming to the wedding (and for the shower, it's the same. It doesn't have to be EVERYONE as far as I'm aware. I certainly didn't list my FI's cousins I've never met to come give me a gift at the shower when the wedding is the first time I'll see them...)

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    It's usually the BP and other close friends of the bride who are invited to the wedding.
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    The only rule is that everyone invited to any pre-wedding parties has to be invited to the wedding so go from there. Let the host tell you what she is comfortable with and go from there.

    I had my MsOH, BMs, SM, MIL and one close friend who wasn't in the WP.

    Edit: I should add that my MIL and SM only came for dinner. They did not come out to the club with the rest of us.
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    As long as everyone invited to the bachelorette party is invited to the wedding, it's really up to you and your hostess.

    I myself would invite my wedding party members and closest friends.  Whether or not you invite mothers, aunts, grandmothers, etc. depends on the type of party it is. For a more, shall we say, racy party you and/or they might not be comfortable having them be present.
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    You don't have to invite every woman invited to the wedding to the shower. Just the other way around. 

    For the bachelorette party, I agree with Jen. My bachelorette party was just my closest friends. 
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    [QUOTE]<strong>Actually, etiquette does NOT say to invite every woman invited to the wedding to the shower. </strong> Where are people getting this?  I'm seeing it crop up a lot on these boards lately. To answer your question, your Bach party should be with your closest friends only.  In my case that included a mother and an aunt and did NOT include FI's groomsmaids, but everyone is different.
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    ditto this.  everyone invited to the shower/bach has to be invited to the wedding; not the other way.

    My MOHs invited 20 or so of my highschool friends and sorority sisters (including the BMs); I think we ended up with 12 or 15 who made it for one part of the evening or another.  You really shouldn't be involved in planning the b-party beyond providing a list of people who it's okay to invite (i.e. you'd want them there and they're on the wedding guest list) then the host is free to cut the list further.
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    My MOH is hosting my bachelorette, and she is inviting my friends and FI's cousin who I am friendly with. We are not inviting any of his other family members because I'm not particularly close to them, and all of my family members are overseas so they won't be able to attend the party.
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    Whomever you choose to provide to the hostess for your guest list should also be on the list for the wedding.  I gave my MOH (when asked) only the names of the bridesmaids, two close friends who were our readers, and one non-BP friend.  I wanted to keep things small and due to timing, commitments, illness, etc. we ended up having only 4 of have a fun girls' night out.  
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