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A couple of questions...

Okay so one of my BMs is giving me a hard time.  For my BM gifts I gave all the girls jewelry to wear the day of the wedding.  It goes perfectly with the dress and every BM loved it except for one  (My brother's wife) she says she refuses to wear the jewelry the day of the wedding.  Now I feel that I haven't been controlling about anything when it comes to my WP.  They picked and agreed on the dress, their shoes, etc.  What should I do? Any opinions?

And my second dilemma is my FMIL.  She keeps telling me my dress is too expensive and I should have gotten something cheaper!! I'm sorry but she's not even paying for the dress, and it wasn't over the top expensive (less than 1000).  How can I tell her to back off without being nasty or starting an argument?

Also another issue with my FMIL.  When we first started planning the wedding last year my fiance's parents both agreed that since my parents were paying for a majority of the wedding they would pay for the rehearsal dinner.  But now my FMIL is saying that since she gave $$ towards the wedding itself she refuses to pay for the rehearsal dinner.  They only paid for our limo, and my parents payed the rest.  What should we do?  My fiance is also very angry, but he does not want to confront her about it because he thinks that she'll turn around and say she's not coming to the wedding.

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