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Minor place card issue... any advice?

So my wedding is in two weeks and I decided to take some time out today and fill out the place cards provided to me by the catering hall. My problem here is that the line on which to write the guests names is teeny!! Its literally an inch and a half long. I don't write that large but Im hard pressed to get more than one name (especially if the person is single and bringing a guest) on the line. I don't even have room to fit in the small +1 lolol. Married couples I may be able to squeeze on but I also dont want it to look sloppy. Should I just write each guests name individually on a card if I cannot fit it on one? I know its a minor problem but I could use some advice. Thank you!!

Re: Minor place card issue... any advice?

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    Can you make your own place cards?

    Also, patience.  Just click the button once, it'll post.  I promise.

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    Hahahaha Im on my work computer I didn't even thin I clicked as much as I obviously did but I guess I was wrong. tee hee
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    millkn2millkn2 member
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    I would just buy some new ones, maybe from Hobby Lobby with the 40% off. They do not cost much!
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    What is hobby lobby? Is it online?

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    Vistaprint is online and thats where we got our place cards they are pretty reasonable and have tons of options
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    I've never seen two names written on one place card before. I gave everyone their own, and I called everyone bringing a guest to get the names beforehand.
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    mica178mica178 member
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    I'd do one person per name card to keep things neater.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:9Discussion:a1103544-1756-4962-bba9-2c9ed06418f4Post:edcbd9d3-0dc3-405d-a3a0-665b439ea854">Re: How do I say no babies?</a>:
    [QUOTE]For the record, I would never flat out say to my cousin/bridesmaid, "do not bring your baby" if she told me that there was no way she could leave him with her husband. I'm not going to flat out say that anyway. I'm not an idiot as some of you may think. <strong>But, people do go out on dates or whatever and get babysitters all the time. Sooooo, I was just saying that if she could get someone to watch the baby it would just make the whole situation a lot better.</strong> And ok, I get that some women cannot pump out enough milk at one time, when I said that it was simply just a suggestion to the situation at hand. and ANYWAY, i'm not only talking about that particular baby, my family has about 8 total and several of them are not well behaved babies at all. There are about 3 that I have never seen them when they weren't crying or throwing a tantrum. <strong>One of the children yelled out during my great grandmothers funeral and was doing cartwheels during the receiving friends time</strong> and no one told her stop. So, obviously, i'm going to worry that they will do that during the ceremony. I do not know of ANY bride on earth who would be ok with a screaming baby or wild child during their wedding.
    Posted by jordanb5[/QUOTE]

    Man I'd pay some good money to see a newborn who could do cartwheels.

    I'm being facetious because it's clear the child you're talking about in this scenario is an older kid, NOT a newborn.  There's a difference.  I don't think anyone here will tell you it's a problem to extend an invitation only to adult guests and not their children.  That's your prerogative, though you'll probably get some guests asking you if they can bring 5 year-old Johnny after they've noticed his name wasn't on the invite, and then you need to deal with that as best you can.  But a newborn is different, which is what everyone here has been telling you.

    Also, someone having a newborn is not a "situation."  And for whom would it make things "better"?  I'm guessing for you, because it sure as hell wouldn't make "the situation" "better" for your friend and her infant.  You have a serious lack of perspective about this.
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    Oh, hell.  My previous post definitely went into the wrong thread.  Sorry guys.  -____-
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