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When to give parents/attendants gifts?

So I know we're supposed to get everyone involved a present pretty much.  When are we supposed to give these gifts?

We're having a wedding weekend of sorts, the immediate family is staying at the resort of the wedding starting Friday night, the attendants are coming Saturday and the wedding is on Sunday.  I was thinking of just giving the bridesmaids their gifts when they arrive Saturday, but should I give my MOH (sister) hers on Friday since that's when she'll get there?  Should I give the parents their gifts before the wedding or after?

Similarly, what's the etiquette with shower host gifts?  Should I come to the shower with them to give to the hosts or send them to them afterwards?
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Re: When to give parents/attendants gifts?

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    Every time I've ever been in a WP, they've given gifts at the rehearsal dinner.

    Shower gifts, I would give at the end of the shower, when the guests have gone.

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    I think most people give the gifts out at the rehearsal dinner. 

    For showers, take the gift with you and give it to the hostess at the end of the shower before you leave.  It doesn't have to be a big production in front of the guests though.
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