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Save the Date wording

So it's a long time before I need to send out the save the dates (probably won't send them until january, i'm getting married next september). anyway, i am a little confused on what information to include on the actual card.

we are sending out postcards that i'm designing, on the front it says:
save the date
name & name
are getting married
Buffalo Grove, IL
formal invitation to follow

the problem is that our ceremony is being held in buffalo grove, but our reception is in a different town, about 15-20 minutes away. I think people would rather book hotels near the reception, not the ceremony. so, should i somehow include this on the backside of the postcard? or will people wait to receive the real invitation to book their room? we plan on blocking off rooms at a hotel nearby the reception, but i am afraid people might try to book far in advance because it is a holiday weekend.

any suggestions are welcome!
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