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Uninviting a flakey friend?

I have a friend that I've known for about 3 years (we worked together) and I invited her to the wedding.  She was the first one to RSVP and seemed genuinely excited about it.  When it came time to plan the Bachelorette party, she showed alot of enthusiasm about going, and then bailed at the last minute.  Actually, she didn't even bail, she just ignored everyone's texts/attempts to get a hold of her.  That following Monday she sent me an email apologizing, saying she didn't have the money.  I let it go, and I told her I wished she would've just let me know.

Then my sisters threw me a bridal shower.  Again, she was invited, RSVP'd yes, and did basically the same thing.  The night before she told my friend that she was carpooling with to the shower that she wasn't sure if she could make it.  Then she ignored my friends text messages asking if she was going.  She never let anyone know she couldn't attend, so my sisters weren't able to make any changes at the restaraunt.  $80 down the drain!

That night I did send her a text letting her know that it upset me that she flaked and didn't tell anyone she couldn't attend.  Her response was that she had too much going on and forgot about my shower, and then said that I should have tried getting a hold of her when I was at my shower to find out why she wasn't there.

Needless to say, I was pretty upset, and shocked, that she would act this way.  I told her that I was afraid she would flake on the wedding like she did with the bachelorette party and my bridal shower, and I felt it would be best if she didn't attend.  I'm limited to 100 guests, and I've got a list of 20 people that I want to invite in the event that people RSVP no.  So I feel like I could have someone there who wants to be there and won't flake/forget/expect me to wonder how they are on my day.

So my question to all of you is:  If you had a friend who would be all about attending your events leading up to the wedding but then flaked repeatedly, would you do the same thing?
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