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Engagement party/family yearly crab pickin...during a hurricane?

Hey ladies-I know you will give me your honest opinion and I need to know! I'm going to try to keep this short!

My family throws a crab pickin every year in my hometown, for the past fourteen years. This year, my mom decided to do a Crab Fest/Engagement party in the honor of my FI and I's engagement [8 months ago]. Prior to the event, she schedules (without askinhg) my engagement shoot and family portrait. Then goes extra lengths to have crab t-shirts printed with a blue and a red crab in a heart on a bright blue shade to wear for the shoot (Can we say X-mas card 2011?). She also invites about 30 people that she always invites to this party, some of whom my family was not planning on inviting to the wedding.

Okay, with that said..the week of the party has an unexpected guest joining us-Hurricane Irene.

My mom decides to go on with the show, have the party anyway. This was Thursday with the intention that Irene hits Sunday. By Saturday (the day of the party) Irene was due at pretty much the middle of the planned time. We drove up four hours  the night before to then wake up and set up tents in the rain.
To make a long story short, I end up getting pissed that she's having the party and making the guests drive in all sorts of conditions-some from an hour away. With the threat of down power lines, roads flooding and trees down I am concerned about their safety and the party being a total ...wash.

These are my etiquette questions-
Is it rude to invite guests to a yearly party/engagement party and then not be invited to the wedding? (Also, my wedding is next October so I will see all of these uninvited wedding guests but invited crab pickin guests two months before the wedding.)

At what point do you cancel a party due to weather? What would make you still go on with the show? What is the priority of the guests' comfort?

Thanks for any input!

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