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NWR: Smooth Away Hair Removal Pads

I've seen the commercial a thousand times and I always wonder "Does it really work?"   Does anyone on here have any first hand experience with it?
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Re: NWR: Smooth Away Hair Removal Pads

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    I just saw a commercial for the first time in a while..
    I've heard it does not work.
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    They do not work. They're totally not worth it. I got them last year from the "as seen on tv" section at Bascovs and they didn't even work a little bit.

    no good.

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: NWR: Smooth Away Hair Removal Pads</a>:
    [QUOTE]I use Sally Hansen home wax removal kit - you warm it up with your hands. I think they work well.
    Posted by brookelynpaisley[/QUOTE]

    The wax strips? I use those and they work great! I do my eyebrows and upper lip (being half Puerto Rican with very light skin...sigh). I'm quite terrified to wax anywhere else though. I'd rather pay a pro to do that!

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    Mine worked but it took an hour to do one leg and the hair grew back super fast.
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