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how casually can we invite our co-workers?

My fiance and I work at the same place. We are doing a very low-budget wedding, only a ceremony, no reception (we will depart directly following the ceremony with his kids, going on a quick family honeymoon weekend). The only people we have expressly invited is our family, who all live out of town, we invited them by phone calls. We would like to have anyone from work attend the ceremony who wants to come, has the time, etc, but we don't have the money to print up and send out invitations to invite each of the 150+ people we work with individually. We also don't want the people who feel less close to us to feel obligated to attend, especially since our ceremony will be on a day they will all be working (we took the day off) in the evening. But we also know that some people may feel closer to us than we realize, and if they want to be there and have the time, we don't want to exclude them.

Is it too terribly tacky, tactless, and crude to put up a sign at work with the date, time, and location of our wedding, indicate it's a ceremony only, and say "We know it's short notice, we know it's an inconvenient time given our work schedule! We'll be over-joyed if you attend but completely understand if you can't. Please call Bride at XXX-XXXX or Groom at XXX-XXXX if you'd like to be there."

We'd need at least a rough head count to make sure there is enough seating, and also if we are toying with the idea (and seeing if we can afford) something like a quick toast before we head out with the kids.

We'd also like to indicate that we do not want or expect gifts! If people ask us if we are registered we will tell them we are saving up to get out of debt, but we don't want people to feel obligated to get us something, especially since we're not throwing a party.

Is there any way we can invite people without spending hundreds of dollars, and without implying some kind of expectation that they'd inconvenience themselves to attend? 
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