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Bridal Shower - for those who know Charlotte

Hey Everyone, My sister's wedding is in two months and I have currently failed as her maid of honor and haven't found a place to host a bridal shower. All of my family lives in Raleigh but her, and her place isn't big enough to hold more than like 10 people. I was wondering if any of you guys have suggestions for a Charlotte Bridal Shower. Thanks so much.

Re: Bridal Shower - for those who know Charlotte

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    just a few questions,=Where in Charlotte does she live, how many people are you looking to have at the shower and what type of atmosphere are you looking for....
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    Right now she lives in North East Part (I'm sorry I really don't know Charlotte very well at all). Her fiance goes to UNCC if that helps. I was thinking like 20 people. And probably like a nice luncheon type of thing.
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    Mimi's Cafe over by Northlake mall has a room in the back that can be sectioned off, it's one of my fave restaurants, food is great. Lava Bistro is also very nice, I believe they have an area that can be blocked off too. Both of these places are in the area in question. :)
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    I've never been to the one in Charlotte, but I love Mimi's Cafe and I think it'd be so cute for a bridal shower brunch/lunch!
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