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No Kiddies Allowed........HELP (sorry ladies, a little complicated)

I REALLY do not want kids of any age at our wedding/reception.

This is more complicated that it seems, hah.

By June of next year, my fiancee's cousin will have a 6 month old baby. Her sis, Fiancee's other cousin, has 2 kids who will be approx. 4 and 2 by that time. They are truly sweet and hilarious kids. The thing is...this wedding will have many of our friends (we're approx 23/24), and this wedding is for DRINKING AND DANCING. It will be comfortable for all who attend of course, but I have been to weddings with kids and everyone is just a little 'wary' of their own behaviour...a little censored. I do. not. want. kids. there.

1) Is it appropriate to ask a parent to leave their 6 month old at home??
    (they will be approx. 1 1/2 hours drive away)
2) If the 6 month old comes (in case it is not, in fact, appropriate for baby to be left at home w/ sitter), is it appropriate to make it clear that CHILDREN are NOT invited? Is this fair?

Has anyone encountered bitter parents over this issue???
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