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Social Security Office - Raleigh

Hey Raleigh girls, is this the right place to go request a new SS card?4701 OLD WAKE FORESTRALEIGH, NC 27609 I am a bit confused by their website.TIA!

Re: Social Security Office - Raleigh

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    Yep, that's it. Go in, get a number and wait til they call you. I say that part because I saw several people sit around for a while before they realized they didn't have a number.
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    ok thanks for that tip!  i totally would have sat down with my book and wondered for 2 hours why no one wanted to help me.  hmm...actually blowing 2 hours tomorrow morning on a good book doesn't sound like such a bad idea!
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    And depending on when you go, it won't take you too long. I was in and out in about 45 minutes. You'll get a 300 number and it wont' take as long as some of the other crazies you'll see sitting around.
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