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I understand and am more than willing to accomodate couples at my wedding. However, I don't feel that I can afford to give all of the single people +1s and, although this may sound rude, I'm not interested in paying for randoms to come to my wedding. For example, my FI has 6 or 7 close friends from high school he wants to invite, which is fine. One of them is in a serious relationship and we know her decently well--they'll both be invited. The rest are not in relationships, so I don't feel that we need to give them +1s, especially since they will all likely be at one table and there's no way they would feel lonely or left out. On the other hand, there are a few people who I want to "allow" to bring guests because they don't know many people at the wedding and I want them to be comfortable.

Anyway, my family has told me that even if you address the invite to "Bobby McFriend" and do NOT put "Bobby McFriend and Guest", that Bobby may still try to RSVP with a guest. I feel like that's unlikely, but what do I know?

Am I a rude you-know-what for not giving everyone on the planet a +1? I simply can not afford it, and I would hate to not invite important people because I can't afford their (possible) guest as well.

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