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Am I really about to commit an etiquette faux pas?

A co-worker made a comment today that has me fretting a little bit.

I am an associate attorney in a small law firm. I'm one of three associates, and there are 10 partners. It's a very collegial office and I like all of the attorneys and all of the non-attorney staff very much. But I don't socialize with them outside of work, other than the company picnic and an annual party hosted by one of the senior partners.

Our wedding is small and on a tight budget. We're inviting about 50 people, of whom 40 are family members. I had not planned on inviting any of my co-workers. I think everyone knows I'm engaged, but I  try to keep wedding talk to an absolute minimum. Well, one of the paralegals asked me today how the planning was going and I said it was going well, blah blah, the wedding was going to be small and limited to friends and family only, so I was hesitant to talk about it at work. She then told me that I needed to get the word out, esp. to the partners, who might be traditional and expect an invitation.

Law firms are political and I'm on the partner track, so I don't want to offend my 10 bosses, but it strikes me as sort of ridiculous that I'd have to go out of my way to let everyone know, hey, I'm getting married, and it's small and intimate and none of you are coming. Thoughts?
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