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Poop on that!

My invites are out! Yay! BUT I saw one from a family friend last night... yeah, the response envelope def. had a light black streak across it! :-( It has been my only bridezilla moment to date. Not really, but that just really sucks. BUT I am glad that are out in the mail!!!

Re: Poop on that!

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    let the mailbox stalking commence!  getting all those rsvp envelopes is so much fun!
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    At least it got there in one piece!  I've gotten mail before that was seriously torn up.Wait until the responses start coming!  I LOVE getting the RSVPs in the mail! 
  • LBM7189LBM7189 member
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    See- I am not the mailbox freak!!  My FI thinks I am crazy for running to check the mail all the time, but you never know what kind of goodies await you in the mailbox!!
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    I do LOVE getting mail!!! I already have had 2 handed back to me. :-) Yay for being able to take the stamp off and use it. :-)
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    Yay. That's great that they are out and off! Hopefully they get ack to you quickly.
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