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aaahhh crazy people!

why do people rsvp with a definite NO and then after we give the final headcount they call OUR PARENTS not us to say that they booked flights and they will be coming???oh weddings! they bring all the crazy family members crawling out of the woodwork :)

Re: aaahhh crazy people!

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    Eh, don't worry about it. In the end, people that said yes, won't be there and it evens out. We had a lot of people that said yes not show, but didn't really have anyone that said no come. I wanted a 150 person wedding, and got it, so don't worry too much.
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    I agree. It's only a couple people. No sense in worrying about it this close to your wedding.
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    oh we're not worried about it! its fine...i just think its funny how they think its appropriate to do that :)actually all of our yes's are extremely definite (most are flying in) with the exception of my friend and her husband who's baby due date is 3 days after the wedding!!
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