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What do I do? What do I do? WHAT DO I DOOOOO!?

 FI and I decided on a destination wedding.  We wanted it to be intimate and realistically, it will cost less than having it at home (we live in the most expensive city in Canada). At first, MIL said that she invited FI's grandmother - she's the last surviving grandparent on both mine and his side.  FI is not close to his grandmother or his mother's side of the family for that matter...We figured, hey, it's a destination wedding, if she can afford to come, let her come.  Lately his grandmother has called the house a few times looking for FI (who has been at work or in bed, he has a bad cold). Each time, apparently the "guestlist" has expanded and now FI's grandmother, aunt, cousin and her two kids (fully grown adults) want an invitation. I, personally, have never met these people (and FI and I have been together for over 10 years!)  FI is not close with ANY of them and has said to me that he doesn't really want them there.  But I know that he does not want to say it to his grandmother.I'm a little annoyed that so many of these people suddenly want in!?  If it was just because they saw it as a vacation, by all means, go!  But now I have to put them on the guestlist and send them a formal invitation.  =/What do I do?  I am terrified of answering the phone because I don't know who else plans on jumping on the bandwagon!! Nutshell:It's a destination wedding, all guests are paying their own way. At first MIL invited FI's grandmother (last surviving)FI is not close to the grandmotherFI's grandmother has called me and made me copy down names and addresses of others (aunt, cousin, cousin's adult children) that want an invitation.FI does not really want them there, but doesn't want to say no to his grandmother. What should I do now? Or do I leave it up to FI to handle it? Do I invite his grandmother and aunt and not send an invite to the others?Should I just send them an invite anyway?Should I call them individually and uninvite them (they invited themselves, technically)?
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